Be With Nature As A Grounds Maintenance Worker Or Tree Surgeon

The trimmed and controlled beauty of nature that you find in parks and lawns of your house and office are the work of the grounds maintenance workers who help make your house and your city a beautiful and a better place to live. And grounds maintenance does not come easy to workers who have to work tediously for the beauty that we enjoy so much. We should be thankful to tree surgeons as well who help in striking off diseased branches from the trees so that the tree is saved. They also help to cut off tress that are dying or causing a potential danger to others. Not everyone can become a tree surgeon for their profession is specialized.

What you need to be a Grounds Maintenance Worker or a Tree Surgeon

If you could not complete your education for some reason and you like being with plants and trees, one of these can be your dream job. A grounds maintenance worker  is a little easier job to get because it is not a specialized work. For this kind of job at the entry level, there is no educational eligibility criterion, though a high school diploma is given more value However, if your work involves spraying and using chemicals like pesticides, fungicides and insecticides, a basic training is preferred. Besides, a driving license is a must for those who want to take up this kind of job too. If you want to be a tree surgeon, you can do this without education, but a degree in forestry or agriculture can help a lot. This is the ideal job for nature and gardening loving people. If you plan to become a tree surgeon, try availing an internship with a master from whom you can gain firsthand knowledge. Thus, use your skills and your passion to choose what you love best.

Job Description for a Grounds Maintenance Worker

A skilled worker has the responsibility of trimming bushes and branches, or clearing up the landscape area, or raking leaves, pruning and mulching plants. You also have to clean overgrown vegetables and tree branches and fallen leaves along with weeding and planting plants. Your job does not end there. You have to plant trees and vegetables, water them regularly and even add fertilizers. If the plants are vulnerable to possible attack from insects and vermin, spraying pesticides is also your responsibility. During winter, if snow accumulates, removing this also forms a part of your job. The beautification and the precise sizes of plants planted indoors also falls under the category of works that you might have to do.

Job Description for Tree Surgeon

For this work, you will be called upon for specific jobs only. Your primary duty is to treat diseased trees that need help by preventing the infection from spreading. Also correcting leaning and potentially dangerous trees and lopping shears to cut branches at difficult areas are also part of your job. You should have the skill to cut the branches in various shapes and save the life of the trees. This will be your job.







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